April Sanders

Second Opinion: A separation that can be endured

Dr. April Sanders misses her adult daughter, but finds it easier to bear, thanks to flights, Skype and email

Second Opinion: Remembrance Day in Movember

Dr. April Sanders remembers a man who over the years became more than a step-dad; he was a father she loved and respected

Second Opinion: Love should inspire curiosity about the other

Get to know your loved ones, ask questions and leave a legacy as someone who has been known and loved

Second Opinion: No chance to say goodbye

Suicide leaves survivors devastated, without having a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones

Second Opinion: Drawing from the right brain

After years of university, medical school and a career as a physician, Dr. April Sanders is enjoying a renewed creativity

Second Opinion: Marking another milestone

Dr. April Sanders celebrates her son's graduation from university with a mix of pride, joy and wonder at the man he has become

Second Opinion: Women inspire with their strength

Dr. April Sanders discovers her own inner strength through CrossFit and finds inspiration from other women on the same journey

Second Opinion: Home alone

Dr. April Sanders recalls how an incident in her 20s has left its emotional scars

Second Opinion: The doctor as patient

A physician finds that it's not easy to have the roles reversed

Second Opinion: Everest climbers united

Dr. April Sanders finds climbing in the Himalaya brings both rewards and a few surprises

Second Opinion: Remembering Jack

Dr. April Sanders looks back on a life well-lived that ended as Jack lived, fully engaged in the moment

Second Opinion: Real friends trump virtual friends any day

Dr. April Sanders looks at Facebook and the rush for its users to add 'friends,' but says the real thing is always better

Second Opinion: All are born worthy of love

Dr. April Sanders sheds the competitive skin of youth and replaces it with a mantle of self-acceptance

Second Opinion: Letting go again

Dr. April Sanders looks back while looking to her daughter's future

Second Opinion: The Beauty of Medical Maggots

Dr. April Sanders recalls an unusual find during her days as an intern at St. Paul's Hospital

Second Opinion: Resurrecting my father

Dr. April Sanders reconnects to the father she never knew

Second Opinion: Converted to the mixed joys of cycling

Dr. April Sanders finds she is drawn somewhat reluctantly into her husband's favourite sport

Second Opinion: Living every moment

Dr. April Sanders looks at the definition of living fully and being an active participant in the only life you have

Second Opinion: Climbing into thin air

Dr. April Sanders discovers that acclimation to climbing in the Himalaya requires patience and is not for the faint of heart

SECOND OPINION: Sherpa politics and Everest’s future

April Sanders speaks about travelling and the impact of westerners