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Keeping House

Netherlands war commemoration more about peace

"In the new era of peace and post-war reconstruction there was a very special sense of optimism and most importantly trust."

Keeping House
Keeping House

Keeping House: Alberta election sets course for Canada to follow

"During the election there were many reports that Albertans were wondering what had happened to the province’s wealth."

Keeping House
Keeping House

Keeping House: Military extension in Syria is not the answer

"Does the government seriously believe that only by bombing the hell out this region will ISIL cease their recruitment campaign?"

Keeping House

Keeping House: C-51: A loss of rights and freedoms

Alex Atamanenko explains what bill C-51 will mean for Canadians.

Atamanenko – Elections Act unfair

Column from Alex Atamanenko, Southern Interior MP, from May 7 Gazette.

DEC. 12 IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Following the example of the Nordic countries

The Council of Canadians' October AGM had a panel that discussed the "high tax and high spend" policies of places like Sweden.

Sinking the Harper Agenda conference

"Late in October I had the privilege of attending the Council of Canadians (COC) AGM and Conference in Nanaimo."

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Shopping local is a two-way street

Consumers and business owners alike make choices that impact the strength of our economy, including whether to shop local.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Post Afghanistan, what’s next for Canadian military?

As Canada prepares to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, it is time to reflect on the future role of our military in the world.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Equitable government or corporate influence?

Officials elected should drive policies that address the diversity of our communities’ economic, social and environmental needs.

MP Alex Atamanenko responds to reader’s letter

MP Alex Atamanenko responds to Rose Calderon's letter to the editor.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Giving peace a chance

Although there is a divide between French and English Canada, the differences are often celebrated.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: PM Harper transforming Canada, not for the good

The federal gov't and PM Harper have transformed Canada to something closely aligned with the "corporate business agenda."

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: A federal year in review part II

As expressed in my last column, it has been difficult over the past year to work with the current federal Conservative majority government.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: 2011 – A federal year in review part I

B.C. Southern Interior MP, the federal NDP's Alex Atamanenko discusses the year that was 2011 on the federal government level.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Retirement roulette

The reality is that 12 million Canadians lack a workplace pension plan. Only one in four Canadians can afford to purchase RRSPs each year.

LETTER: Write to the feds

Write to federal government to stop border closures on small and rural ports

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